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Moving and Storage Price Match In New York and New Jersey

Find Local Movers in New York and New Jersey

Find Local Movers NYC & NJ

When moving within the same town or under 100 miles, your move is considered to be a local move. Submit your move information and get FREE moving quotes from the best Movers NYC & NJ has to offer. shop for movers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and New Jersey.

Find Long Distance Movers NYC & NJ

Long distance moving is not a joke and requires maximum care of your property and proper planning. In case that you are using cross country movers from New York or New Jersey 100 miles away or out of state, your move is considered to be a long Distance move.

Find Commercial Movers NYC & NJ

Whether you are looking for NYC office movers, a corporate relocation or a large scale commercial move, submit your request for a free quote by the leading commercial movers in New York City and New Jersey.

Find Piano Movers NYC & NJ

Pianos are very heavy and unwieldy, not to mention expensive. choosing reputable NJ / NYC piano movers will protect your precious instrument and ensure its safety. get free quotes from local New York and New Jersey piano movers.

Find Auto Transport Service NYC & NJ

transport a car from New York and New Jersey using licensed and insured NJ & NYC Auto transport companies. it's easy to find car shipping services through our system, including door to door Motorcycle and Boat transportation.

Find Cheap Self Storage NYC & NJ

Self Storage companies in NYC and NJ are offering differently sized units, from closet lockers to ones that can hold a multi-bedroom house. searching for Cheap Storage units near you?

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How to find local moving companies in New York and and New Jersey

How to Search for local movers

NY NJ Movers is simplifying the process for you. All you need to do in order to find movers today is:

  • Service Type - Write the type of service that you are looking for in the long search field of the main page. You can type - “Last minute movers” if you are stuck with a same day or next day move, Local or Long Distance movers for residential moves and even search for a commercial or professional office movers.
  • Move Details - You will get redirected to a page with the specific service. Fill out your move details such as pickup and delivery destinations, your moving date and contact information and submit the form. That's it! Local moving companies will reach out to you and give you their best offers. all you need to do is pick one and go back to your daily tasks.
  • 3 services 1 click - before you submit your request for a moving quote, you can check the small boxes at the bottom of the form and ask to get Self storage rates and /or rent plastic bins. you'll be approached by the right companies - all in 1 click. Before you know, you made full arrangements from getting moving bins to your door to booking a local moving company that will move you into a cheap self storage unit.

  • Finding cheap storage units in the New York Metro

    Find Cheap Storage in NYC & NJ

    Self Storage units in New York City can get expensive and the bordering parts of New Jersey are not far behind. However there are plenty of ways to save on storage:

  • No frequent visits - It's proven that the farther you go out of the NYC metro the bigger your savings will be. When you fill out your request for storage quotes you can select a wider radius and get quotes from more distant facilities (up to 50 miles away from your home). In case that you don't need to visit your storage frequently, a storage unit in new jersey, especially from the center of the state and towards the south will do the trick and can save you 50% or more! on your monthly bill.
  • Self Storage near you - if you need quick access to your stuff and you want to rent a storage unit in New York you can still save money by keeping it away from the city center and a subway or a short car ride away.
  • Tricks and Tips - even the most desirable storage locations in the heart of Manhattan are offering special promo`s that range from a free truck for a self pickup and up to free moves and free time in storage for longer term contracts or if money is paid upfront. Read the excellent guide and learn more on how to find cheap self storage units in the New York Metropolin and how to get free stuff.

  • Interstate, Cross Country & Long Distance movers NYC and NJ to great destinations!

    Long Distance Movers NYC & NJ

  • The best movers for the best rates: this is our million dollar target when we seek for a reputable van line or State to state moving company. All names in the title above represent companies that are offering long distance relocation services that you can explore by clicking on the link. but what is the difference between them and can they all provide you with the professional moving services that you deserve for the money that you pay?
  • if you feel like getting the best long distance tips ever then we have it for you right here and right now:
  • Let's change the way we think: if we reverse the way we interview our movers and instead of giving them a list and getting their price, we start with finding how they structure the move, we can come much more prepared and knowledgeable for the pricing part and minimize the chance that a company will overprice or try different sales techniques on us when we understand how it goes. what you`d want to know is if they charge by weight or by volume (cubic feet) and then you`d want to know what their rate per pound /per CF is. After getting a quote you`d want to know what is the total weight / volume of your move and simple math will tell you whether you are being charged fairly or not. It will also help you to compare rates with other movers. check our useful long distance moving tips page to find more information on services that you never thought about, that may often cost you more.
  • Moving Cross Country - when you start your moving plans in a New York City state of mind (no offence NJ you`ll get your words of glory later) you often don't think about what is expecting you at the destination. However, all the best movers from New York to Miami will tell you that the Keys area and some other islands around Miami are not accessible for a big trucktor trailer and will require a shuttle service (which may cost you more), moving companies from New York to San Francisco and movers to Chicago may require the same because of the tilted and narrow streets of these cities, respectively. check our Moving Magazine and find what`s expecting you when you are moving to the top long distance destinations and be prepared.

  • How to choose commercial movers when moving an office in New York City?

    Commercial office Movers in NYC and NJ

  • Find commercial & office Movers in NYC and New Jersey: Moving an office or an entire floor in an office building is not a task that any mover can handle. It requires knowledge and experience with disassembly and reassembly of cubicles, using file / banker boxes or moving bins to pack office paperwork from filing cabinets and desks and labeling everything properly.
  • Business Relocation: To ensure that you are selecting the best options for your large or small corporate or business relocation, will be presenting you with only the most suitable partners in our database. Companies will be filtered out by our advanced algorithm to match with your business location and destination address, the size of the move considering the number of your employees, your moving date and other complex considerations. Check the following link and get free moving quotes by the best office & commercial movers in NYC and NJ and make your move safe and easy.
  • Office move Procedures: many commercial buildings especially in fast paced cities such as New York and Jersey city, are not allowing to move in or out during normal business hours and require that any moving in or out of the building will begin in the evening and throughout the night. The NYC office movers are almost always required to provide a certificate of insurance that includes coverage for automobile liability and workers compensation in addition to the general liability. It is also recommended to look into an article in our moving magazine that explains about a purchase of a moving insurance policy to protect your goods from damages while in transit. Whether you are looking for office movers in New Jersey or commercial movers in New York City, at NY NJ Movers we will connect you with the best options available near you.