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if you know Brooklyn then you know that it has its own character, its own type of people and even its own language! then you may ask yourself isn't it natural to look for Brooklyn movers to do the job? and the answer is of course! local movers in Brooklyn and companies that serve Brooklyn will understand you better than others! type your moving details, compare moving rates and save!

Real estate is booming in Brooklyn

Up until a few years ago Brooklyn was the place that everyone is moving to in order to save money on rent but still be a short subway ride from the city. a steady stream of young people filled up the available apartments and started creating a new culture. New bars and clubs opened and whole neighborhoods became trendy and kept attracting the young generation. Within a short period of time the youngsters turned into families and the families needed bigger apartments and this is how new construction started popping on every vacant lot.

In one year the number of new units jumped from a 1000 to over than 6000 leading Brooklyn to the top of the national list with the most number of units being build in a single year and the next year is already showing signs of breaking that record yet again. The number of people looking for local moving companies in Brooklyn went up by 300% what helped some of the companies to grow and upgrade their service. as a result of this growth many storage facilities got opened and many self storage units in Brooklyn started competing with the rates of offered in Manhattan attracting people from other boroughs to join in.

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