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Things to ask Brooklyn moving companies before signing

Many general questions can be asked when using local NYC moving companies for your move between the boroughs or out of the city. To most of them you'll find great answers in our NY NJ moving magazine. However Some questions, mostly concerning traffic and toll fees, are specific to moving in or moving out of Brooklyn:

  • when moving to manhattan for example, if the truck that your moving company is using small enough to fit with the restrictions of the Hugh L Carey Tunnel (see toll rates) - also known as the Battery tunnel, and this is how they choose to cross to Manhattan, you may find an additional fee added to your moving cost in order to cover the expense.
  • When you are moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island your movers will have to use the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (see toll rates) in order to cross. This i the most expensive crossing between two boroughs in New York City and it may as well be added to your final bill. It's highly recommended to add it to your checklist when finalizing the agreement and ask your moving company what their policy is in order to avoid of unpleasant surprises in the end.
  • Moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey will also have toll fees if your movers choose to cross to New Jersey through Staten Island. A second crossing to Bayonne through the Bayonne Bridge or crossing through the goethals or outerbridge bridges are toll free and won't add anything to the cost. Crossing to NJ through the George washington bridge is free and saves the Staten island crossing fees however it may take significantly longer and won't be a great idea if it's not the natural way to the destination. other toll road fees may be required, however many Brooklyn movers choose to take this expense on themselves in order to compete with other local movers in Brooklyn. As always, it's recommended to clear things with your movers in advance.
  • Moving from Brooklyn to Long Island does not include any bridges or other major crossings. Brooklyn is technically a part of long island and is connected by land. There shouldn't be any other known obstacles when moving between Brooklyn to Long Island except for some heavy traffic when heading towards the long island peninsula which should be taken into account if signing an hourly contract with your movers.

  • Moving companies in Brooklyn speak the language

    If you know Brooklyn then you know that it has its own character, its own type of people and even its own language! then you may ask yourself isn't it natural to look for Brooklyn movers to do the job? and the answer is of course! local movers in Brooklyn and companies that serve Brooklyn will understand you better than others! type your moving details, compare moving rates and save now!

    Why moving to Brooklyn?

    There are so many reasons to why people should prefer Brooklyn over other areas. It has Peter Luger, one of the most famous steakhouses in new york city that pulls tourists off their routine must see attractions to pay a visit to Brooklyn and enjoy the a fine dinner. , Brooklyn is a great place to express the artist in you, just look at all the comedians actors and musicians that came out of the borough - Jay Z, Barbara Streisand, Eddie Murphy, Neil Diamond , The Beastie Boys (No Sleep Till Brooklyn!), Woody Allen, Mike Tyson, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Sandler and so many others tells you that hey! - there's a chance! If this is not enough Brooklyn has 3 public beaches, an NBA team playing in the beautiful Barclays Center which also hosts concerts of major artists, unlike manhattan, you can actually live in a house with backyard and a driveway instead of a skyscraper and zero parking. Everything is less expensive in Brooklyn, many people speak with a Brooklyn accent and here is something good to say about Manhattan - it looks much much better from - you got it right. Brooklyn. So, Find Brooklyn movers and never look back.

    Real estate is booming in Brooklyn

    Up until a few years ago Brooklyn was the place that everyone is moving to in order to save money on rent but stay a short subway ride from the city. many young people filled up available apartments and started creating a new culture. New bars and clubs opened and neighborhoods became trendy and kept attracting the young generation. Within a short period of time the youngsters turned into families and the families moved to a 4 bedroom house and then new construction started rising up on every vacant lot. In one year the number of new units jumped from a 1000 to over than 6000 leading Brooklyn to the top of the national list with the most number of units being built in a single year and the next year is already showing signs of breaking that record yet again. The number of people looking for local moving companies in Brooklyn went up by 300% which helped some of the companies to grow and upgrade their service. as a result of this growth many storage facilities opened and many self storage units in Brooklyn started competing with the rates of offered in Manhattan attracting people from other boroughs to join in.

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