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Moving in Nassau county and Sussex County

long island is a one of a kind piece of land, it only consist of 2 counties yet bigger then the whole state of Rhode Island. Connecticut movers , New York movers and companies from other more distant areas my end up being more expensive, using long island movers or companies that operate moving crews in long island will cut the travel cost and therefore the move cost will be significantly lower. type your zip codes and personal information and get free moving quotes from previously checked movers.

Discuss with your moving company about the traffic

One thing that you must consider when you are moving in long island is the traffic especially if the trip involves the long Island expressway that is known for its very heavy traffic. Make sure to schedule the move in a way that it “misses” the morning or evening rush hour and if possible try not to move during days that are known to be more busy than others such as Friday or busy beach days in the summer. Always ask the mover to break down the estimated travel and labor time, even if your contract is not time based. one of the benefits when using local moving companies in long island is that they already know it all.

Access to the Islands of Suffolk county

Suffolk county is surrounded with populated islands such as Shelter Island, Fire Island and Fishers Island. Before moving you'd want to make sure that your moving company is aware of the ways to access the island whether is by taking a ferry or driving or crossing a bridge. There may be some vehicle length and weight restrictions and required permits as well as associated fees that the mover may add to the total cost of the move.

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