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How to keep the storage rates minimal?

Do you really need a climate controlled storage when you are renting a small storage unit? And the answer is - you surely dont! In most cases people don't even know that climate controlled storage means humidity and temperature control. While it's known that sometime delicate art and especially oil paintings can get damaged by extra humidity or extremely hot or cold temperatures, that won't be the case with most of what you can fit in the mini storage unit lockers that range between a 5x3 trunk-like space to a 5x5 large closet space.

What fits in a small storage unit

The cheap storage rates of the smallest units ranges around $29-$70. Many times it can mislead people to think that they have found a great deal for moving their 1 to 2 bedroom apartment content. Please keep in mind that a 5x3 storage unit can only hold a few boxes and some accessories and will be too small to fit furniture. On a 5x5 room you can place about 1-2 small furniture pieces and a few boxes

What if i need extra space?

When moving out of a typical apartment or a house, the storage size that you'd need will range around a mid size 10x10 unit to a large 10x30 unit. Read the following article for some great tips on how you can find cheap storage units near you and take advantage of promotions such as a free month or a free move into storage and save some money saved, especially in an expensive environment such as the new york - new jersey metro.

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