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Moving in the largest borough of New York

you don't want to take the wrong turn when moving in the largest borough of New York. selecting your local Queens movers from a previously screened database will ensure a stress free move and fair price quotes. fill out the short form, sit back , relax and wait for local Queens moving companies to fight for your business!

Queens is the fastest growing borough

Manhattan always was one of the most dense places in the world with a very expensive land and skyrocketing real estate prices leading young families that wanted to rent or buy a property in a more reasonable price to look for their homes in the nearby boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

In the past few years the ongoing desire of college graduates and young families from all over the country to join the local workforce in New York have led many of them to rent an apartment in Brooklyn but the market in the most trendy neighborhoods quickly became saturated and made the prices go up significantly. Then again People started looking for cheaper options and started moving to queens. Developers has recognized the potential in neighborhoods such as Astoria, Long island city, Sunnyside and Woodside to name a few and started buying old construction, demolish it and build high rise buildings anywhere they could. in 2015 alone, queens population grew by almost 17,000 people while brooklyn was right behind with a bit more than 16,000.

How to avoid of a disastrous moving experience

As usually happens in other industries, when there is a demand there is a supply. The massive movement of people into the neighborhoods of Queens have led to an increase in the number of moving companies that serve the area. While some of the local moving companies in Queens were well established some other seasonal contractors started popping up and advertise themselves as movers trying to make big money without always being licensed and insured the way the law demands, offering a low-ball price and then use different breaches in the agreement to jack up the price not to mention the lack of safety and professionalism when many of those company hire inexperienced day labor with an unknown background to do the job in your home next to your kids and valuable items. In NY NJ MOVERS we screen each company before we accept them to our system in order to make sure that only the highest standard and most capable queens movers and queens self storage companies will be offering their services.

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