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How Do National Van Line Companies Work?

Van line companies are interstate movers and are typically carrying commercial goods for retail and household goods for residential customers. The Van Line companies operate a fleet of large 18 wheeler tractor trailers and are typically not involved in the sales and booking of the jobs but only in the long distance delivery of the goods. In order to spread themselves all across the country, the van line carriers are signing on agreements with local agents in different states and in this case with local moving companies in NYC and NJ to represent them and do the pickups at the client's home, then bring it to the van line company that is responsible for the delivery.

Why Going With a Van Line Company?

One of the biggest challenges when moving long distance is the duration of the delivery. Since most if the time it is not an exclusive delivery and the items are being consolidated on the trailer along with other jobs, Most interstate movers offer a window for the arrival at the destination. this window can range anywhere from a few days up to a couple of weeks , depending on the distance to the destination state, the amount of stuff that is loaded on the trailer, the number of other drop offs before arriving to you, and most important how much volume does the company move on the specific line. Since van line moving companies are collecting jobs from different agents , they can usually offer a more narrow window than their competition. check our main page for other moving services in New York and New Jersey.

Protect your move

It's highly recommended to get moving insurance when using a van line company for an interstate move. The basic coverage that companies usually offer is very low and can rarely compensate for a damage caused by the carriers. some van line movers offer a liability coverage that increases the responsibility that the mover is taking for a possible damage however this is not an insurance policy. Moving companies are not licensed to sell insurance policies , that can only be purchased by an insurance company or a licensed insurance broker.

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