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Cross Country movers NYC & NJ to the west coast - 3 Things you should know

Long distance movers cross about 3000 miles when moving your household goods from coast to coast. have gathered the most important things to be aware of in order to ensure a swift and successful move:

  • Temperature changes in transit: when using cross country movers from nyc to los angeles, las vegas, Houston or any other warm destinations, you should take temperature changes into account. It's hard to keep it in mind when there are freezing temperatures outside but it may save you a lot of aggravation later. For example, It is not recommended to pack and ship perishable food inside the boxes. It will get spoiled as the temperature rises and damage other stuff around it or even attract insects. Remember not to ship all your summer clothing with the movers or else you'll find yourself steaming inside of a thick sweater in a sunny california day.

  • Different landscape: the mostly flat surface of new york and New Jersey makes life easier for large tractor trailer drivers however long distance movers from nyc to san francisco, the rocky mountains or any other narrow / tilted / curvy area may force them to park their 18 wheeler away from the obstacle, get a smaller truck and do shuttles between the trailer and your destination. In many cases it will result in an extra charge.

  • Distant destinations: the more distant your destination city is , the longer it will take you to receive the delivery. Movers from nyc to Seattle WA, Portland OR or San Diego CA will usually offer you a fairly wide delivery window that can range anywhere from 10 days and up to 3 weeks and more. Its very important to understand how the window works and have it backed up in the contract. The last thing that you'd want, is to sleep on an air mattress with 1 suitcase and empty rooms for a month.

  • Finding Cross Country Movers NJ & NYC - How to get quotes in 1 click?

    Finding movers for your state to state move was never safer and easier. With you can rest assured that you'll only be approached by previously screened licensed and insured movers. We save you the exhausting research process. you type your move details and submit it in 1 click. Based on your zip code, Movers from NJ or Local NYC long distance movers will send you their best offers. all you need to do is choose!

    Last minute corporate relocation and storage

    people are often getting a short notice for a work / corporate relocation, they have to move immediately into a hotel or a temporary apartment in a distant country or state while they don't know what to do with the stuff they have left behind. At we developed an advanced system that won't let you down and won't leave you without a solution at your most vulnerable time. Check the following page for last minute movers in NYC and NJ, submit your 1 click request for next day / same day moving services and get a response from willing and able local moving companies. Most of the long distance moving companies in New York and New Jersey are capable of offering to store your stuff for a few days, weeks or months until you find a place to move your items into.

    Check our excellent moving magazine for long distance moving tips, in new york and new jersey.

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