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Questions You Should Ask When Moving From New York to Los Angeles CA

When relocating to a different state and especially when Moving to one of the most popular long distance destinations it's important to come ready. do homework, understand how the system works and ask the right questions in order to avoid of misunderstandings or fraudulent offers. the best long distance moving companies in New York and New Jersey can be found in our system. By filling out a simple form. previously screened reliable local movers will compete on having you as their client. All you have to do is choose.

How to Schedule a Delivery When Using Movers From NYC to LA

moving from New York to Los Angeles is one of the longest yet very common long distance routes. However , before you can go to the beach to relax and enjoy sunny California you may want to hire a mover that will make the whole experience quick and stress free.

If you are taking your relocation as an opportunity to go on a road trip with your family you may want to discuss the delivery window with your mover to ensure that your items will not be delivered before you arrive. If that happens the mover may unload your items in a local storage facility and leave you responsible for moving it to your home or just travel with your items back and charge you for an extra trip.

If you are taking a flight it's important to agree on the latest date that the mover will deliver your goods and have it in writing in the contract in order to avoid of a situation where you arrive to California a few hours after the pickup and your items will be delivered 3 weeks later leaving you without furniture, clothes and other essential stuff.

Long distance movers are using different ways to deliver your items. Very few moving companies are loading your items onto their own trailer and having full control on the schedule. The vast majority of the long distance moving companies from NYC to LA are transferring your items to a 3rd party carrier that consolidates your items along with other jobs coming from different sources. Some companies are shipping it by rail while a growing moving trend in New Jersey is to leave a container next to your driveway for you to pack and load.

Moving From NYC To Los Angeles Is A Great Opportunity To Get Rid Of Stuff

The best tip you can get when moving cross country is not to move stuff that you are not using or stuff that will be cheaper to buy again then move. For example if you have a cheap but large wardrobe in your bedroom that is half falling apart and half ugly, something that you bought on craigslist 7 years ago for $80 and your mover says that it will cost you $500 to move it to California - , the outcome should be getting rid of it and buying a brand new wardrobe when you get to California for probably less than the cost of moving the old one. It's important to ask your mover questions and understand how he is pricing your move, whether it is a weight based estimate or a volume based (cubic feet) estimate, and take decisions according to it.

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