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Cost Of Moving From New York To Miami - Price Factors

The price of your move is being determined by the amount of stuff that you are moving - as simple as that. Some interstate movers will measure it by weight and some by volume (cubic feet) but if you have plans to save on your move to Miami FL, first think what you can do in order to help it. Get rid of unneeded stuff or large items that may be cheaper to buy again rather than moving all the way to Miami.

Is there anything such as hidden fees or is it questions that you are not asking? The answer is YES to both. Some companies may not prepare you well for your move and that can result in additional charges after you already had the figure you have to pay in your head and you are not ready financially for an additional expense. A few examples for that may be:

1) fees for carrying items up or down the stairs. If you are booking a move over the phone and the mover forgot to discuss with you about their stairs policy and you forgot to mention that you live in a 5 flight walkup , you may find that you'll have to pay for the extra effort the movers will have to put into your move. If the mover is sending an onsite estimator to meet with you he will know if stairs are present at the pickup but he will definitely have no clue in how your delivery destination in Miami looks like and therefore it is your responsibility as the client to mention it and ask what the policy is and if additional fees are involved.

2)long carry may cost you more. Most moving companies from New York to Miami will be using large 18 wheeler trucks to deliver your items. Many areas in Miami or on the way to it may be an obstacle for such a big truck. For example , if you are moving into a development or a gated community, the streets may be too narrow and the turns may be too sharp for a large tractor trailer to maneuver its way to your home. In that scenario the moving company may have to move your items from their trailer into a smaller truck, something that of course may cost you more money. In some other cases a truck may not be able to park right next to your door as a result of a large lawn separating the house from the road. Movers tend to charge an extra fee for every 75-100 feet of long carry.

Moving from New York To The Florida Keys Or The Panhandle Area

Movers from New York to Miami FL or from New Jersey to Miami are usually following route 95 or route 75 that gets them all the way down to south florida. if you are moving to panhandle Florida area, companies have to go off route and the rate they charge for the move may be higher , make sure that your mover understands where in Florida you are moving to in order to avoid of misunderstandings and unwanted fees. When you are searching for movers from New York to south Florida and your delivery destination is in one of the Keys , you may want to ask your long distance carrier if he is able to drive the truck into the Key and if not , what fees may be involved in that.

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