How much does it really cost to hire movers in NYC and New Jersey

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We all know how frustrating it can be when you are looking for specific information online and the article doesn’t tell you what the title is claiming. You read the whole article, spend 15 minutes of your precious time, and the article just dances around the topic without delivering the information you were promised in the title! False advertising...alternative facts? Grrr.

Not here. Not today! We’re going to share some moving secrets with you and tell you directly how much a move should cost in New York and New Jersey for different size apartments and houses. We'll review different variables that can add to the cost of a move…..and reveal some little known moving secrets that moving companies don’t tell you!

Local move pricing:

A price for a local residential move is determined by a few major and a few minor factors.

Moving companies for studio apartments to a 4-bedroom house typically use crews that range from 2 movers and 1 truck to 6 movers and 2 moving trucks.

Major factors of your price:

Labor time: A major factor in your moving cost -- It is counted from the minute that the movers arrive at the pickup address until they say goodbye at the delivery address. The labor time includes the driving time between the pickup and the destination.

Travel time: Travel time is one of the bigger factors of your moving cost as well. Travel time is the time that it takes the moving company to get to you and return to their business with the trucks. It is not the time that it takes to get from the pickup to the delivery address -- that’s part of the labor time calculation. Most companies will charge 1 hour travel as a minimum on every job even it it takes less than an hour to get to and from the client. Hint: be sure to find movers in your zip code.

How many movers do i need for my move?

- A studio apartment requires between 2-3 movers

- 1-2 bedroom apartments requires between 3-4 movers

- 3-4 bedroom apartments - houses require 4+ movers and 1-2 moving trucks.

Type of moving contracts:

Moving companies are required to report to the “New Jersey Movers Tariff Bureau” what their rates per mover and per truck are. Companies can choose to offer peak or off peak rates for busy or slower dates and can offer you 2 type of contracts - hourly (non-binding) or a flat price (binding).

How does an hourly contract work?

A non binding - hourly rate contract is self explanatory. It is not guaranteed and the final cost is determined by the actual time that the move takes + the cost of materials and other charges.


You: moving from a 1 bedroom apartment within Manhattan and need the movers to pack your kitchen.

The company: charges $100 an hour for 3 movers and 1 truck + $12 per kitchen box.


- the move took 4 hours [+] 1 hour travel [=] $500

- the company used 10 kitchen boxes [=] $120 which means that

- your total moving cost is $620

**All estimates are based on a local residential move with no more than 1 hour of travel in total.

How does a flat rate work?

A flat rate given by the mover can be the estimated hourly rate + materials from the hourly contract example above - that the mover locks. Then it will be the client's responsibility to take only what the mover listed. More stuff will result in more time that will result in a breach of the contract and will allow the mover to add to the moving cost.

A mover might also have a rate per cubic foot that he is using to calculate the price of your move.


You: your inventory list reaches a total quantity of 400 cubic feet.

The company: charges a rate of $1.55 per cubic foot for your move and kitchen packing.

Outcome: the rate times [x] the amount of stuff [=] $620

How much does it cost to move in New York and NJ?

Estimated cost:

**These price estimates are based on no more than 1 hour of travel and include wrapping your furniture and carrying previously packed boxes from point A to a point B that is located 20 miles away or less.

Studio apartment: $250 - $750

1 bedroom: $750 - 1,500

2 bedroom: $1,200 - 2,500

3 bedroom: $1,500 - $3,000

4 bedroom: $2,500 - 5,000

*rates are estimated and are only a recommendation. They are not price guarantees in any way. It is the reader's responsibility to investigate and use their own judgement before agreeing to a deal. Any questions or a second opinion can be asked by visiting our site

How many movers do i needOther factors that can affect or increase the moving price

- More than one flight of stairs

- More than 75 ft of carrying items between the truck and your main door

- Packing services

- Peak days (days that are priced higher by the mover)

- Traffic (if the contract with the mover is time based)

- Time to find parking (if paying by time and parking is not reserved in advance)

- A tip

Moving a House vs. Moving an Apartment

A house will typically have more stuff than an apartment with the same number of bedrooms because it usually has a basement, garage, backyard, attic , shed and some other internal and external spaces that don't exist when you live in an apartment building.

In order to complete the picture we recommend you to read this excellent article that will help you ask the right questions when hiring a local mover

Feel ready? Fill out your details and have local NJ and NYC movers bid for your business.

Long distance pricing

Long distance moves are priced differently than a local move. While the quantity that you move is still a major factor, the total amount of stuff that you move will not be converted to the time that it takes to move you and will not be priced at an hourly rate. Instead, cross country movers in New York City and New Jersey will price your move by either rate per weight or rate per volume (cubic feet).

How does a long distance move by weight work:

If your moving company goes by weight, than we'll share very valuable information with you that will help you to see things the same way that your mover does. While it's not a secret, this is an internal calculation that moving companies don't share with clients.

The formula is simple - the total amount of your cubic feet times 7 will get you to the estimated weight in pounds. Now you can compare between an estimate done by cubic feet and an estimate done by weight.

Long distance move by cubic feet:

An inventory list is being created in order to estimate the total space in cubic feet that your stuff takes in the moving company's truck. There will be a rate per cubic foot which will determine the cost of your move.

Long Distance moving cost from New York & New Jersey

Long distance move cost:

Since a long distance move price can vary greatly based on the size of your move and the distance that your stuff need to cross. Bellow you can find the estimated amount that you'll have to pay if moving with a 1 bedroom apartment worth of stuff (500 cubic feet) to the most popular long distance destinations:

$2,500 - $3,500 when moving from New York to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Las Vegas

$1,800 - $2,500- when moving from New York to Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC, Boston

$1,500 - $2,400 - when moving from New York to Philadelphia, New Haven, Hamptons NY

$4,000 - $5,000 - when moving from New York to Seattle, Portland OR, Minneapolis.

*rates are estimated and are only a recommendation. They do not guarantee a price in any way. It is the reader's responsibility to investigate and use their own judgement before agreeing to a deal.

Next day delivery (short haul / mid haul) moves:

A same day / next day delivery to a distance of between 100 - 300 miles from the pickup location. Moving companies will typically deliver it using an exclusive truck and not consolidated on a trailer as part of a long distance operation. Such a trip may take 1-3 days for a moving company between loading, driving to the destination, unloading and driving back. The movers will need to stay at least one night in a hotel before completing the job.

$2,500 - $4,000 when moving from New York to Washington DC metro, New England States, mid to west Pennsylvania, northern half of New York State.

*rates are estimated and are only a recommendation. They do not guarantee a price in any way. It is the reader's responsibility to investigate and use their own judgement before agreeing to a deal.