How to Hire Professional Piano Movers in NYC and NJ

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Licensed and insured piano movers are essential when moving your piano in the New York/New Jersey metro area. A piano is not a cheap item and therefore, it’s essential to find the right people to handle it - those with knowledge of how to disassemble and reassemble parts of it as well as use a piano board and carry and roll it the right way in order to avoid dents and scratches that will be expensive to fix later. Top professional piano movers in NYC and NJ will also have the skills of tuning your piano at the end of the process.

Moving a Keyboard

When moving a keyboard, using a case should be enough to protect it most of the time. It is not recommended to move a keyboard locally or cross country with a soft case as it is too delicate and other items loaded on the truck may easily squeeze it and cause damages. When packed properly, a portable keyboard can be moved by regular local movers and won't require a special piano mover to handle the task.

Piano Type Height Length Weight
Spinet 35"-52" 300-500 lbs
Upright 48"-60" 500-900 lbs
Baby Grand 4' 6 - 6' 6 500-900 lbs
Concert Grand 8'-9' 700-1200 lbs
Electric Piano 30"-40" 100-250 lbs

Piano Types and Moving Requirement

There are many different piano types and models that require different ways of handling them. Moving a concert piano, grand piano or a baby grand piano will be very different than moving an upright or an electric piano because of their odd shapes and uneven weight in different sections of the piano. Large pianos will require a minimum of 4 movers in order to ensure that local NY - NJ piano movers you hire will be able to carry, push and maneuver with it through narrow hallways and climb up stairs with it. The smaller and lighter pianos should be movable by 2-3 movers. Providing the mover with the weight and model of the piano will help them to determine how many men will be required for the task.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

Piano moving cost

There are different things to factor in when moving a piano: the number of movers and the time that it will take to move it as well as the carrying devices and packing materials that your movers will have to use. Since the price of a piano may range from a few thousands to $100,000 more, it is highly recommended to look into buying a piano moving insurance policy that will cover you in case of a damage or a total loss. A moving company licensed to move pianos, even as reputable and professional as they may seem, will not be able to sell you an insurance policy because of the simple reason that movers are not licensed to sell insurance - only an insurance agent or an insurance broker can.

Don’t DIY - Find Local Piano Movers

Besides the fact that you probably won't have the right equipment such as padded piano dollies to roll the piano out, or the techniques to fit it in an elevator, carry it down the stairs or load it on a truck using a lift gate or a ramp, you should know that it is very dangerous. The weight of some of these pianos can be 600-800 pounds or more and can lead to severe injuries to people trying to carry them up or down the stairs without the knowledge and enough manpower to handle the heavy lift. Trying to load the piano on a truck by pushing it up the ramp or without a ramp at all may risk your life and is NOT recommended as a DIY job.

How to Find a Professional Local Piano Mover? helps you filter out and find professional moving companies that don't match your needs because the movers are either too far away or don’t offer piano moving services. You will only be contacted by ready and willing moving companies that are capable of doing the task. Find movers in your area by following the link and hire professional piano movers in NYC and NJ