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Planning small and large office moves in the New York City metro.

Moving your business is much different than moving an apartment or a house in so many ways. Of course that you still need strong guys, capable of carrying heavy items but unlike residential moving companies, professional office movers in New York and New jersey are among the most skilled in the country as a result of the many challenges that the big apple presents to them and the endless number of office buildings and businesses that require moving and packing services. Some of the top office & commercial movers will train their movers to take apart and reassemble large workstations - also known as cubicles. They will have to know how to empty and pack large filing cabinets in banker boxes, organize and label it professionally.

Business Relocation Companies and Services

A business relocation is not just a simple move. It requires proper planning that should be orchestrated by an assigned person from within the company or even better , by a professional moving planner that will have to take a few hundreds! Of decisions in order to run the project smoothly and without errors or mistakes. Some of the major decisions may include:

  • Professional packing
  • Using electricians
  • IT Services
  • Finding a carpenter for workstations and large furniture
  • Hiring a hoisting company for oversized items that should be moved out through the window.

  • other type of decisions may be related to licensing and documents. The moving planner will have to schedule with the building management a date for the move and follow their requirements that may include moving after working hours, getting moving relocation insurance - a certificate of insurance with a sufficient coverage. Other pre / post move actions may include:

  • Painting the walls
  • Scheduling with a disposal company to get rid of unneeded furniture
  • Using a document shredding, data management and backup companies
  • Hiring a commercial cleaning service

  • taking care of vendors among many other tasks that will ensure a safe and easy relocation. And only then, the most important part: Hiring a commercial moving company for an office move. A professional company that will orchestrate the operation and physically pack , carry and move the items. The moving planner will have to schedule an onsite estimate with a professional moving estimator that will come to asses the number of filing boxes and / or plastic moving bins that are needed for packing the documents, asses the number of trucks and employees and the time that is needed in order to complete this commercial move successfully.

    Corporate relocation from / to NYC & NJ

    when being transferred to another state or another country, corporate headquarters will often do their best to help you with the big move. In most cases you will have to present them with 3 moving quotes that you can get through a pool of previously approved reputable moving companies. Sometimes you'll have more freedom to research yourself and find international moving companies or long distance moving services. Since the company will be paying / reimburse you for your moving expense either partially or in full, they may want to have a say on which company you should go with, taking your personal opinion and price into account. In large corporations an external moving planner is usually being used in order to advise and help with many other aspects of your relocation starting from using a local real estate agent in order to find an apartment or a house that will fit to your needs and also to the company's budget , a moving planner mey assist with enrolling kids in local schools and even using a furniture rental company to fill up empty sections at the rented property.

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