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How do i move into storage?

Many storage facilities offer to send a free truck for self loading and driving into storage , some companies may send a truck with their own driver, leaving you responsible only for loading and unloading it. as the competition grows, the newest trend is to perform a complete move done by professional movers when you commit to stay in storage for a certain period of time, usually 3 months or longer. That offer is good for smaller moves, however, if you are moving from a big 4 bedroom house and you have a lot of stuff to move , using a professional moving company will keep your back and your items safe. Some movers offer to move you into their own facility however most moving companies operate warehouses that are not accessible as much as a self storage unit is and they have limits on the time that you can stay.

Is there anything that i can't move into storage?

Firearms , gas tanks, plants and soil are prohibited by most storage facilities however they cannot check each boxes that you bring in an therefore it is also the customer's responsibility to check what is allowed and what not and read the fine print of the contract in order to avoid of a breach of company policies.

While firearms and flammables are prohibited from obvious reasons, not allowing plants and soil is part of the storage effort to keep insects away from their facility and from their other client`s storage units.

Try to avoid of packing perishable and non perishable food in boxes that you store as the conditions and temperature in the units is not always ideal and your food might get spoiled and cause damages to the rest of your stuff.

What do i do to save money?

Storage rates in New York and New Jersey higher than in more distant counties farther than the metro area. Getting rid of items that you don't need will help you to reduce the amount of space that is required and rent a smaller and more affordable storage unit. the price of a mini storage unit can be cheaper by tens or even hundreds of dollars a month than the larger storage rooms that can hold an entire quantity of an apartment or a house.

after submitting your moving and storage request for quotes with, qualified local companies will reach out to you and give you their best bid. During the negotiation process you can mention the length of your stay and ask what kind of an incentive they can offer you so you`d choose them and not the others. Compare the rates and the terms and go with the one that saves you the most.

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